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Entry Tips

You will find more detail on what we’re looking for under each heading but the following criteria are musts for any category:

  • Tell us the whole story – build a real picture of the development work you’ve done and don’t be afraid to be creative
  • Provide evidence and testimonials – give us data that shows the value of your work but don’t forget the human side. We want to hear from partners you’ve worked with and the people your work has benefitted
  • Don’t be put off – your project doesn’t necessarily have to meet everything covered in the criteria. Your work could be finished or it could be ongoing – we’ll judge entries on the basis of the strength of the information presented to us. Think back to the title of the category for the real test on whether you think your work can compete

Think ‘so what?’ – telling us how you’ve done something is important, but telling us why it matters is crucial. If you’ve launched a great project tell us what the impact was and why it mattered that it was a success




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